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Welcome to Sagebrush Wisdom



A shared wisdom from outdoor experiences in pursuit of a better self in nature and life

Sagebrush Wisdom is found by a common wisdom found in the valleys of life, not the mountain tops. While always pursuing the mountain top, we are humbled by the pursuit like a common plant found under the mountain's shadow. 

  Sagebrush Wisdom pursues a life well-lived through the lessons learned in the outdoors.  Constantly working on building up a life of character, strength and self awareness. With great respect for nature, the animals we pursue and the community around us, we tell the stories that connect us all, whether in the field, on the ocean or in life in general. 



Sagebrush Wisdom Podcast was started with the goal in mind to share wisdom in the hunting, fishing, outdoor space through story telling, experience and education... 

Story Telling

Every good story is filled with adventure, and most good hunting and fishing stories are ripe with real life wisdom. These wild places we surround ourselves in, are in many ways, our life long teachers... and we are here to tell those stories. 


While many of the things we do are in isolation, we believe it is from community we are given our true strength, education, knowledge, know how etc... and still community is what we come back to after those adventures, whether you are brand new, or you've been outdoors your whole life, this community is for you.


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