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Weekly Meditation: Train your Weakness

There is a certain fear that grows when my weaknesses stay in the dark too long. It brings about anxiety, timidness, sometimes even a false shame. At the end of the day, ultimately, I am afraid I will be embarrassed. This often keeps me from trying some new, putting myself in an uncomfortable position, or even more importantly, in a place where I might actually get better.

I imagine this situation to be like tying knots. What if those knots were sloppy? A sloppy knot is a weak knot, and when tested often breaks. Would you still land that dream fish when it mattered most? I spend so much time leaning into my strengths, improving them, growing them, but this often leaves me somewhat close to where I already am. If I really wanted to be better, I think I should choose to train/ work on my weaknesses. I believe this would exponentially catapult me into new places -- further and much faster than just depending on my strengths alone.

I recently heard a term that said, "fear is a mile long, but an inch deep." Similar, I believe your weaknesses may not stay your weaknesses for very long -- the hardest part is you have to face them, and then intentionally decide something better. It takes some self reflection, some honest and a lot of hard work, but I think I'll be much better in the end because of it.

Whether we are talking about fishing, hunting, work or life in general. I wish I faced my weaknesses more often, and spent the time to improve them. I think of someone who only fishes one style, but can't seem to catch fish when conditions change, or the archer who is great at his home range, but folds under pressure when the shot matters. I want to ready, even on my worst days, to be my best self.

The term, "I can't" may be the most bullshit comment we tell ourselves day after day and I don't want to say it anymore.

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